Who killed Kelsey?

Three Gen Z girls find their roommate, Kelsey, committed suicide. Only when they look closer, they come to a shocking revelation… Kelsey was murdered. 

Kelsey seems like the typical college freshman. So typical, in fact, that when she’s found hanging in the closet with a Zara belt firmly tied around her neck, her three roommates are completely bewildered. Sure, students in college off themselves all the time, but Kelsey? She’s not the type. But how can they truly know a girl who was so full of secrets and lies? Turns out, Kelsey was toeing the line into Gone Girl territory. They find her hidden laptop, and it’s picture after picture of dead bodies, blood splatter, and gruesome news articles.


Our three roommates take on the harrowing case. 

THE VIRGIN: Leading the charge is JUNE, 18, Indian, and a total virgin in every way. She’s the classic Undecided major. When she looks around, everybody else in the world seems to have a cool sexual orientation or a natural born affinity for marine wildlife or whatever, but in her mind, June is just…June. So when her roommate dies, the girl who seemed so close and yet always so far away, June’s grief slips into morbid fascination. June suddenly has found purpose: to find out who did this and bring them to justice. 

THE VALEDICTORIAN: LYDIA, 18, is a Chinese god: premed, megawatt smile, and wears a Burberry trench that she makes sure to casually flaunt. Lydia’s a modern power-hungry anti-hero. Every day she wakes up, takes a shot of Five Hour Energy, and then snorts the Adderall she hides in the battery compartment of her TI-89 graphing calculator. Lydia has everything going for her; however, the salacious details of how Lydia turns out to be entangled into Kelsey’s murder may just cause Lydia’s perfect veneer to crack. 

You can find THE BURNOUT, BLAKE, 18, dropping it low in the club. She’s the most down girl you’ll ever meet—she’s Rayanne Graff from My So-Called Life but way less sorry. This is the girl who hacks her antidepressants to get more drunk. Her only ambitions are partying, men, and maintaining her astounding 2.1 GPA. But then something incredibly unexpected happens: Blake finds herself attracted to another woman, and it’s none other than her roommate and best friend, June. 

These are three all-too-real girls during their most tender, troubling, and alcohol soaked years. Kelsey’s alleged suicide is a catalyst forcing them to grow up too fast. That is, if they even get the chance. Kelsey was involved in some pretty disturbing stuff, and this twisted murder might just make freshmen year their last.